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Philosophy of Movingpeople

We are searching for and connecting with 'moving people'. People who are on the move to make changes in their own life and the life of others. People have a dream and ideas about how to contribute to their community in a positive way. By having and using their own power, change and development comes from the heart of the people and therefore is strong in itself. We are facilitating and support these initiatives.

“The Life given to us by nature is short, but the memory of a well-spent life is eternal”.

(M.T. Cicero)

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Edwin joined Movingpeople in 2011. Edwin has worked in several African Countries Sudan, DR Congo, Somalia, and Ethiopia and now in Europe. He has grown to be a humanitarian sector’s think tank developing quality humanitarian education programs.

Edwin has a background in leading community-based education programmes working across diverse community groups to cascade information and training in project management and disaster mitigation and prevention.

Particular areas of expertise include supporting positive cultural change within organisations through a participatory, ‘bottom up’ approach to measuring impact, and developing time-efficient monitoring tools that support effective and consistent practice.

He is experienced in conducting evaluating impact on projects. Edwin has an understanding and practical experience of quantitative and qualitative research techniques, and of a number of different impact measurement frameworks including SROI.

Edwin Tarus


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