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“Everything you can imagine is real.”

(Pablo Picasso)

We believe that creativity can stimulate to change people’s life in a positive way. Therefore we created workshops.  Besides this we offer also custom made workshops related to all your wishes.


Brainstorm session “Ideas without borders”

Starting with a main question or a wish, generating ideas, selecting ideas and describing in a concrete way a few main ideas.

Duration: ½ day or full day


We want to generate 10 new ideas for our marketing campaign for 2013.

How could we reduce the amount of complaints from 20% to 10%?

Workshop “The Right Name”

Finding the right name for a company, a campaign or project?

This workshop stimulates you to create a new name!

Duration: ½ day


Creative Thinking ”Stepping Stones”

A training in educating you to use creative techniques to become more innovative or be able to find more solutions to address a wish, problem or a question.

Duration: 2 days

Stimulating a more creative climate in your organization

More and more organizations need to adapt to fast changes in the world. How could we be more creative in our company, how could we use all our talents and capacities in a better way?

Duration: depends on your needs

Colourful Team-day

Looking forward for a sparkling day with your employees or management team? The colourful team-day gives you the opportunity to share your achievements.

Duration: 1 day