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Township accommodation innovative concept
Township accommodation is a fairly new concept within the tourism product range in South Africa. It forms part of Township or Cultural tourism which consists of unique and diversified range of activities, services and experiences. It includes experiences in guesthouses, shebeens/taverns and restaurants with local cuisine or traditional music, arts and crafts; and support services such as transportation.
Dibanani Guesthouse Association is therefore one of Movingpeople's humanitarian programmes which focuses on assisting the township guesthouse owners, who are mainly women some of whom are less educated, single mothers and live in shacks dwellings, to further develop their business thus helping to improve their living conditions and that of their communities. Dibanani is an organisation, consisting of 20 women entrepreneurs. These women own a guesthouse in the townships of Cape Town. The objective of Dibanani is to offer good quality township accommodation and to expand township tourism. The idea is to let visitors experience the real African life in the communities of South Africa.

Movingpeople has helped to facilitate the formation of Dibanani Guesthouse Association made up of 20 Bed & Breakfast owners located in the townships of Gugulethu, Khayelitsha and Langa in Cape Town. The Dibanani Guesthouse Association aims to promote and jointly market the member-guesthouses locally and internationally.

“A house is not a home unless it contains food & fire for the mind as well as the body”

Dibanani Association for Bed & Breakfast accommodations

Spirit of the Mountain

This programme is developed by BEEP (Beyond Expectation Environmental Programme). The overall goal of BEEP is to promote knowledge of conservation issues whilst providing youth with an alternative vision of their future and life goals and practical ways in which work towards achieving these. BEEP is also empowering the youth about personal development skills and poverty alleviation programmes.