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Below some examples of humanitarian research undertakings…

Act Positive!

Movingpeople carried out a research on the effects of the international EU campaign Act Positive. The campaign was aimed to inform the youth between the age of 12 and 19 years old about HIV/AIDS. The activities took place in The Netherlands, Germany and Slovakia. The humanitarian organisations ZOA Vluchtelingenzorg, Woord en Daad, Tear, Kindernothilfe and ACET SLovakia wanted to increase the level of knowledge on HIV/AIDS and to change the attitude of youngsters.

Institute Clingendael Den Haag

Movingpeople participates in the Knowledge Network for Peace, Security and Development in co-operation with Institute Clingendael. We worked in the project 'Public Private Co-operation for Stimulating Economic Growth in Fragile States'. This research project tool one year and a half and was executed in Sudan, DRC, Afghanistan and The Netherlands. The results has already been presented to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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