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Kenya Netherlands Business Connection

Movingpeoplet assists European and Kenyan entrepreneurs, who would like to do business with East-African entrepreneurs and vice versa. Movingpeople’s primary objective is to stimulate trade relations between The Netherlands and East-Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan and Rwanda).

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Kenya’s central location in East Africa is attractive to Dutch investors. Investing in this region means access to a market of over 135 million consumers, an abundant, fairly well trained labour force which is mobile, skilled and enterprising. In recent years, the trade- and investment relation between Kenya and the Netherlands has deepened. 
In 2011 the volume of trade (total imports and exports) between Kenya and the Netherlands was more than € 852 million up from € 700 million in 2010. Important Dutch export products are services, chemicals, machinery, transport equipment and engines while major imports from Kenya are horticultural products, flowers, tobacco and raw materials. The Netherlands is the third export market for Kenya.
Dutch private investment in horticulture has led to the emergence of a large competitive horticultural industry (flowers and vegetable production) which contributes to more than 14% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). In recent years, there is growing Dutch investment outside the traditional horticultural sector, e.g. renewable energy, water and sanitation, infrastructure, logistics, ICT, and financial services.

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