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MovingPeople Humanitarian Services is a social enterprise which is innovative, progressive and socially conscious. Our services include humanitarian research, education and advice in the field of corporate community involvement and humanitarian issues. With our business we want to contribute in a sustainable manner to improve people’s conditions in regions where people live below the poverty line. The Millennium Development Goals, formulated by the UN, are our umbrella.


1. Project could not start because of limited funding but will be seeking more funding to start again in Kenya

The project was initiated by Movingpeople together with Empty Vessel Foundation Ministration in partnership with Impulsis which is a joint programme of Edukans, ICCO and Kerk in Actie in support of Dutch initiatives and KEFAT, The Kenya Federation for Alternative Trade (KEFAT) which is a network of Fair Trade producers in Kenya. Established in 2003, its mission is to improve the livelihood and well-being of marginalized Kenyans producers through innovative approaches to market access on Fair Trade terms and speaking out for greater justice in the world trade. The project Result Based Capacity Building (RBCB) and Empowerment of Poor Rural Small Scale Farming Women in Kenya  is a (Pilot project Nandi County in training women leaders who will take the initiative of training their group members)