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“Everything you can imagine is real.”

(Pablo Picasso)

School of Care taking and Creativity

We like to offer you an environment where learners and master feel at home. Creative leadership and health is the underlying foundation where we build on. Change, leadership and creativity in combination will contribute to your own development and also the life and environment of others.

The defined 21st Century Skills are important in nowadays education. We believe we can go a step further, since we are free to fill in our courses in our own way, in co-creation with you! Movingpeople has a more holistic few that stretched further than the 21st century skills. Our courses are characterized also by: joy, energy, playfulness, time, passion, intuitivity, encouragement, spirituality, with an eye for the individual and also for the team. The courses take place in an interesting beautiful natural environment.

Movingpeople Academy will start in September 2014 with the first course out of 4 seasonal courses, since we believe that nature has his own speed and charm.

Theme: Develop your creative skills and become a starter in Creative Facilitation

What is your creative DNA? Where are you creative in?

What is creative thinking and creative problem solving and how can I use it?

What makes a professional facilitator?

What tools can I use to stimulate my own creativity and that of others?

When: 19 and 20 September (Friday from 16.00 until Saturday 16.00)

Where: National Park Drents Friese Wold, near Appelscha

Costs: are kept low

Interested? Write us an email: info@movingpeople.info

Courses 2, 3 and 4

Around 21 December 2014, autumn turns into winter

Around 21 March, winter turns into spring

Around 21 Juni, spring turns into summer

21st Century Skills

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