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Movingpeople is a social business with community aspirations
Movingpeople is a social enterprise: it’s innovative, progressive and socially engaged. Our services consist of research, education and consultancy about Corporate Social Responsibility and humanitarian issues. As a social enterprise we want to improve the living circumstances is regions where people live in poverty. In all our work we have in mind the Millennium Development Goals, formulated by the United Nations.

Philosophy of Movingpeople
We are searching for 'moving people'. People who are moving to make changes in their own life and the life of others. These people have a dream and ideas about how to contribute to their community in a positive way. By having and using their own power, change and development comes from the heart of the people and therefore is strong in itself. Movingpeople wants to facilitate and support these initiatives.

An example of a course we developed for vocational school:

Movingpeople offers a course about "the life of youngsters in townships" at ROC Friese Poort Leeuwarden
Movingpeople is lecturing students from  the department of social work the Friese Poort  about how youngster live and survive in the townships of Cape Town, South Africa. Topics like apartheit, HID/Aids and how daily life is for young people in townships will be discussed. Furthermore the students will organize activities to support the organisation Beyond Expectation Environmental Project (BEEP) in Cape Town. This organisation is lead by two very inspiring young leaders, which are a role model for their community and won a lot of awards for their community projects.


Young Movingpeople

“No one has ever become poor by giving”.

(Anne Frank)